Industries we serve

  • Aerospace

    Commercial, military or private sector. We design innovative and flexible options to help our customers increase profits and grow their businesses.

  • Agri Produce

    We understand the Risk of decay of goods, Maintenance of temperature, Packaging & storage of Commodity, Segregation of Agro Produce with Grade & quality

  • Automotive

    Seamless logistics is required to get everything from pre-assembled components down to the last screw to the right place at the right time. We offer solutions for your complex logistics requirements for in-bound production material and the distribution of spare parts.

  • Chemical

    Safe, efficient and sustainable logistics are critical in chemical industry. Ensuring safe transport and handling of its products, with care for the environment and in full accordance with regulations, is of key importance to us.

  • Electrical Machinery

    Our transport logistics services range from the transfer of a single frequency inverter to the special transport of electrical machinery in the multi-megawatt range.

  • Energy

    From exploration to production to decommissioning, trust us to deliver. Our services span the entire energy life cycle, bringing benefits for partner clients at every stage of operations.

  • Engineering & Construction

    Transportation of bulk materials like cement,aggregates,asphalt,ready-mix concrete,pre-fabricated pillars and columns, pre-fabricated beams, pre-fabricated slabs, waffle units for flooring and roofing etc is carried out by eTruckerz.

  • FMCG

    We understand the specific demands of the FMCG market. We handle the movement of goods direct from the factory.

  • Health Care

    eTruckerz help in the controlled delivery of raw materials such as chemicals, biological inputs and expendables, as well as clinical trials logistics.

  • Hi-Tech

    Implementation of designed custom supply chain, including intelligent software for managing it.

  • Leather

    We provide transportation for the finishing chemicals for the leather industry, upgradation filler, Anionic & Cationic Pigments and other raw materials as well as finished leather products.

  • Manufacturing

    We transport machinery, equipments, metal products, parts, rubber, plastic, petroleum and coal products, food products, jute and other vegetable fibre, textiles etc.

  • Metals & Mining

    We help in the process of export ores in bulk and in containers across the globe. We specialize in evacuation of ores from mining sites, transporting them to railway sidings, arranging for rakes for transporting the ore to the ports, handling of Ore at the railway sidings, unloading the ore at plot inside/outside the port, shifting the ore to the berth for loading onto the vessel etc.

  • Oil & Gas

    Oil and gas logistics requires experienced, dedicated logistics services to manage offshore and onshore tailor-made solutions to the oil and gas industry

  • Textiles & Garments

    We are active in transportation of fibres, yarns and fabrics and a wide variety of products such as hi-tech synthetic yarns, wool, bed-linen, industrial filters, geo-textiles, clothing etc.

  • Telecom

    Procurement of boards and spare parts